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The Housewarming of Lefilter Company

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The Housewarming of Lefilter Company
On November 12, 2021, Lefilter ushered in another important milestone in the development process-the opening of the new office area. The chairman of the group and the partners from the headquarters participated in the launching ceremony.
The new office area can accommodate 170 people for office use at the same time, and is equipped with functional areas such as reception area, pantry, meeting room, and leisure massage.

Chairman An Qi made an important speech at the launching ceremony and reviewed the company’s development history. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has undergone many relocations, and each relocation has also witnessed the development of Lefilter, to today Lefilter Headquarters Building Operating in coordination with the four major production bases, the company's output value has increased by 40 times in ten years, and the development of the organization is inseparable from the silent contribution of Chen and all partners in five years. Clarify the company's future strategic plan, enter the capital market for three years, create a development model of the industry industry chain, realize the common prosperity of all Lefilter partners, make the company platform an organization that can be inherited, and finally realize material freedom and time freedom.

The completion and use of staff canteens, youth apartments, and new office areas have been upgraded with tangible modular construction, which has effectively improved the happiness index of all partners. The new environment means a new journey, and all Lefilter partners will use a brand-new image and attitude to write a colorful chapter for the realization of space freedom, material freedom, time freedom, and spiritual freedom!
The wind is vigorous during the journey of thousands of miles. Looking back on the past, Lefilter people uphold a pragmatic attitude, from technology research and development, product upgrades to 50,000 customers to provide professional service support; looking forward to the future, Lefilter will continue to rely on big data analysis, continue to practice diversified electronics Business model, empowering the development of enterprises!