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The Leaders of Xinxiang College Visited Our Company for Investigation and Exchange

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The Leaders of Xinxiang College Visited Our Company for Investigation and Exchange


Date: 2022-07-08      Source: LEFILTER


On July 6, Song Wei, vice president of Xinxiang University, led a team to visit the headquarters of Xinxiang Lifeierte Filter Co., Ltd. Tian Dazhi, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Foreign Languages, Li Yanye, dean of the school of Foreign Languages and Gao Jun, secretary of the Employment Department accompanied them. President Mr. Anqi, director of human Resources Yang Boyuan, Director of international Trade Li Na and outstanding alumni representative Li Shu of Xinxiang College attended the event.


During the exchange meeting, Chairman Anqi introduced the development history, future strategic planning layout, corporate culture construction, business areas, company development status and talent gap of LEFILTER.  LEFILTER has always adhered to the concept of "technology, talent oriented". The international market covers 138 countries and regions, with more than 20,000 international customers. Currently, there is a great demand for foreign trade talents -- international trade, business English, Japanese, Russian and other foreign language talents.


The School of Foreign Languages of Xinxiang University has a long history and a strong faculty. After decades of development, the school has achieved fruitful results in the teaching and research of foreign literature, linguistics, translation studies and other fields, and has cultivated a batch of compound foreign language talents for social and economic construction. Vice president Song Wei introduced the process of running school, talent cultivation and social services. Tian dazhi put forward suggestions on optimizing talent training programs, deepening school-enterprise cooperation and strengthening practical education. Li Yanye introduced the revision of foreign language undergraduate talent training program and the current situation of students' employment, and put forward new ideas and ideas from the perspective of school-enterprise cooperation and expanding students' professional practice.


The communication between the two sides reached a consensus: both the university and the enterprise hope to continue the cooperation mode of employment internship base and school-enterprise cooperation to promote the employment and entrepreneurship of students.  At the same time, we will introduce excellent foreign trade talents and inject fresh blood into the enterprise, which will help LEFILTER to be listed and provide continuous power for the development of LEFILTER's century-long plan.


At the end of the meeting, Vice Principal Song Wei invited President Anqi to give on-site guidance on the employment concept and career planning of school students to guide them to be more mature and pragmatic in their employment concept. At the same time, it will also release the business philosophy, corporate culture, company platform, talent needs and so on to all the people who have needs. Let students find jobs more smoothly, enterprise development more powerful!