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Auto Back Wash Type Self Cleaning Filter Housing

Auto Back Wash Self Cleaning Filter is used for Preliminary Filtration of demanding application of various industries. It is very useful for applications where suspended solid load is comparatively high & highly viscous material and slurry based filtration applications.

  • Auto Back wash type self-cleaning filters work on a flow direction of outside to inside. Unfiltered fluid enters the filter housing through the bottom tangential inlet connection. Contaminants are deposited on the outer surface of filter elements and clean filtrate passes through the inside diameter of the element, then removed through the top tangential outlet. Users can set their differential pressure data within the control panel. Once the differential pressure across the system reaches the pre-defined level of pressure drop, inlet and outlet valves shut down and the drain and backwash valves open for a defined interval of time. During this process, debris deposited on the outer surface of the element shall be drained out and collected through the bottom drain. This cycle continues as per pre-defined settings and process requirements. Auto Back wash type systems are available with multiple filter elements, wherein one element is in use and the other can be cleaned at the same time. This will help to have an uninterrupted flow of the fluid.
  • Auto Back Wash Type Self Cleaning Filter is constructed of filter housings, filter elements, drain valve, auto back wash valve and PLC controller. Filter housings can be constructed in various materials such as several grades of stainless steel, carbon steel and alloy metal. Filter elements can be offered with wedge wire, sintered multi-layer wire mesh, plain wire mesh and sintered metal powder configuration. They are selectedon the basis of filtration quality requirements.
  • High filtration accuracy, stable filtrate quality and supply.
  • Due to its own search and emergency operation function, self cleaning filter can do automatic back-washing and can cope with volatile fluctuations without manual intervention.
  • Filtration equipment control system is unique and has a precise operation, which is to adjust back-washing pressure setting according to different sources and filtration accuracy in a flexible way.
  • The system has high efficiency and strong recovery. Its cartridge can be used for longer period without replacement.
  • During the back-washing process, each cartridge operates in turn and meanwhile the other cartridges continue the filtration process without being affected.
  • Self cleaning filter has a drain valve, which has a short-back-washing facility and consumes less water, thereby saving water, power and energy source.
  • Reasonable and compact structural design.
  • No consumable material, low operation and maintenance cost, simple operation and management.
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