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Polypropylene Pleated Cartridge

Polypropylene filter cartridges are precisely manufactured for usage in critical filtration applications within food, pharmaceuticals, biotech, dairy, beverages, brewing, semiconductor, water treatment & other demanding process industries.

  • All polypropylene construction.
  • Absolute & nominal efficiency.
  • 0.1 to 40 Micron ratings.
  • Gradient density micron fiber media.
  • High surface area more than 0.5 m2 per 10″ filter.
  • Robust outer cage.
  • Biologically safe.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • No fiber migration.
  • Thermally welded construction.
  • FDA approved filters.
  • End connections to fit all standard housings.
Sizes 10”, 20”,30”,40” Long
Outer Diameter 69 mm
Inner Diameter 28 mm
Micron Rating 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.45 , 1 Micron
Filtration Area More Than 0.7 m2 Per 10” cartridge
  • Double Open Type (DOE Type).
  • Code 7S(226 O’ Ring Design / Bayonet).
  • Code 7F(226 O’ Ring Design / Flat).
  • Code 3S(222 O’ Ring Design / Bayonet).
  • Code 3F(222 O’ Ring Design / Flat).
Filter Media 100 % Melt blown micro denier polypropylene fiber
Support Media Polypropylene fiber
Inner Core High strength polypropylene
Outer Core High strength polypropylene
End Caps High strength polypropylene
O Ring / Gaskets EPDM / Buna N / Silicone / Viton
Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals
D.I. Water
R.O.Pre filtration
Biological Fluids
Oral Drugs
Ophthalmic Liquids
Photographic Film & Paper
Anti-Halation Coatings
Developer Chemicals
Fruit Juice
Electronic and Semi-Conductor
De-ionized Water Prefiltration
Magnetic tapes
Premix Resins
Tape Coatings
Metal Oxide Dispersions