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Stainless Steel Cartridge Water Filter Installation Instructions

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Cartridge Water Filter Housing Introduction

SS Cartridge Water Filter Housing usually uses PP meltblown filter element, wire wound filter element, pleated filter element, titanium filter element, activated carbon filter element, etc. as filter elements.

filter element in cartridge filter houisng

Cartridge Water Filter Housing is used for the solid-liquid separation of various suspensions, the filtration of medicinal liquids with high environmental requirements and high filtration accuracy, and a wide range of applications, suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical, environmental protection, water treatment and other industrial fields.

Cartridge Water Filter Housing

Stainless Steel Cartridge Water Filter Housing Installation Instructions

1. Thoroughly clean the filter housing.  

2. Connect the filter inlet and outlet with the filter system pipeline. Pay attention to the direction when connecting, to ensure that the filter element outside is water come in, inside is send out water.

3. Open the plastic bag at the opening end of the filter element and check whether the O-ring is in good condition.

4. Moisten the O-ring and the filter element seat socket with a suitable wetting agent (such as water).

5. Hold one end of the filter element close to the O-ring, and vertically insert the filter element socket into the filter element seat socket.  

SS Water Filter Housing

6. After all filter elements are inserted, remove the packing bag of the filter element, fasten the pressing plate, and then install the metal housing.  

7. Open the vent valve on the top of the shell.

8. Slightly open the inlet valve to let the liquid enter the shell until the liquid escapes from the vent valve at the top of the shell, and then close the vent valve.

9. Slowly open the downstream outlet valve until it is fully opened.  

10. Slowly open the inlet valve until it is fully opened. At this time, the pressure drop between the upstream and downstream of the filter is 0.02Mpa (determine the initial pressure drop under flow).