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How to choose a self-cleaning water filter

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How to choose a self-cleaning water filter


1. The self-cleaning filter determines the structure of the equipment according to user requirements, vertical or horizontal.

2. According to the user's investment situation, select the equipment type, multi-filter element and single-filter element.

3. Determine the filter area of the filter according to the water flow.

4. Select the equipment model according to the area.

5. Optimize the equipment selection according to the water quality.

6. Select the entrance and exit path according to the user's site.

7. Manufacture strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings.

8. To send professionals for equipment debugging, organize training in strict accordance with design requirements.

9. Propose a high-quality equipment operation plan based on the user's site.



1. Filtration of production water and reuse water in the food industry.

2. Filtration of domestic water supply and production process water supply.

3. Ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, softening, ion exchange and other pretreatment filtration.

4. Equipment cooling water with high water quality requirements;

5. Filtration of circulating water in steel, petroleum, chemical, paper, automobile, food, metallurgy and other industries.

6. Reuse of reclaimed water, advanced treatment and filtration of wastewater.

7. Central air conditioning and boiler backwater filtration.

8. Groundwater, surface water, swimming pool, and landscape water are turbid and purified.

9. Seawater desalination pretreatment, seawater and freshwater factory farming water filtration.

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