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Working principle and Application fields of Automatic Backwash Filter

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1. Working principle

The automatic backwash self-cleaning filter professionally removes various viscous substances, rubber particles, sediment and other mechanical impurities in the water to ensure the safety and reliability of the system equipment. It is mainly composed of a cylinder body, a stainless steel filter screen, an electric drain valve and a drain device. When the water filter is working, the backwash butterfly valve plate is opened, the water flow enters the filter element from the inlet, and flows out of the system after being filtered by the filter screen, and the impurities are intercepted inside the filter element. When the water processor needs to discharge sewage, close the butterfly valve plate and open the sewage valve. The water flows through the outside of the second half of the filter screen and flows into the inside. After the first half of the filter, part of the water flows into the system from the outlet, and the remaining water flows from the outside of the second half of the screen to the inside. , discharged through the sewage outlet, and play the role of reverse automatic flushing of the filter screen. 

2. Application fields

Widely used in heating and heating hot water circulation systems in heating systems; cooling and refrigeration circulating water systems for central air conditioners, chillers, and refrigerators; industrial and civil cooling water, industrial cooling circulating water systems; using geothermal water to run Bath, heating circulation system, etc.