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Application of Automatic self-cleaning water filter in heating system of carbon factory

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一、Project Overview

This project is to recover the waste heat from the carbon plant to centralize the heating of the town.

The return water of the heating pipe network is first heated by the condenser, then heated by the peak heater in the factory, and then heated externally by the municipal heating pipe network. However, the urban heating heat pipe network system is huge and the pipeline is complicated. The temperature has dropped significantly, and even debris such as sand appear, causing damage to heating equipment and blockage of heat exchangers, which seriously affects the safety of heating supply. Therefore, filters are installed on the main pipeline and each branch pipeline to purify the water supply quality.

In order to ensure that the water quality of the pipe network meets the standards and the normal operation of other equipment, automatic self-cleaning filters are installed in the first station and the pressurization station.

二、Principle of decontamination of self-cleaning filter

The self-cleaning water filter has the function of filtering raw water and automatically cleaning and discharging the filter element, and the system supplies water continuously during cleaning and discharging.

Set the filtration time on the timer. When the filtration time is up, the sewage discharge will be started. At the same time, the control system will compare the system pressure difference with the pressure difference set by the user in real time. When the system pressure difference reaches the set pressure difference, the filter will also start Clean the sewage.

When the sewage discharge time is up, stop cleaning, and the system returns to its initial state, ready for the next filtration process, to ensure regular removal of impurities in the pipe network.

Brush Type Self-cleaning Filter

三、The role of self-cleaning filter in heating pipeline

The Brush Type Self-cleaning Filter has a PLC remote control program, real-time feedback on the operation of the equipment, automatic monitoring with the pipeline network, automatic flushing and sewage discharge, which greatly improves work efficiency, reduces labor costs, and improves the reliability and safety of the pipeline network and equipment operation.

Introducing waste heat from carbon plants for centralized heating is an effective measure to save energy, reduce urban energy consumption, improve urban environmental quality, and improve people's living standards. Lefilter is keeping a close eye on the goals of "carbon peak" and "carbon neutrality", Constantly accelerate the pace of technological innovation and make more contributions to the beautiful homeland!

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